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Fran Davis

Level 2 & British Cycling Level 2

I was trekking across the Artic in 2013 and got bored pulling tyres up hills as part of the training so signed up for the local East Grinstead Try-a-Tri.  I just managed to get round the course and enjoyed it so much I joined the club.  The people were  so friendly and positive (even though I flapped around in the pool)  that I really got hooked, trained as a coach and got a completely different outlook on life.  My goal as a coach is to get you to believe in yourself and what you can do -  regardless of age / ability / current fitness levels or swim capability! 

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Karen Mycock

Level 2


Andy Peel

Level 1

I began Triathlon to offset my other indulgence of eating and drinking and have completed 70+ races.  My aim as coach is to help club members achieve their Triathlon goals.


Joan Wingfield

Level 2

I completed my first event on a borrowed bike with only one gear and having not really ridden a bike for 15 years or more (I had to get off and push it up one of the hills).  I also had no idea what ‘transition’ meant and found out on the day.  Despite my inexperience I had lots of encouragement from other club members and I enjoyed myself enough to decide that I needed to get myself a proper bike.  After that there was no looking back. 


Nick Kay 

Level 1

I want to pass on what I have experienced, what I have read and learned to other club members. I prefer the Middle / ½ Iron to Full Ironman and usually the more challenging ones. 

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Keith Roberts

Level 1

The first ever swim I did was with EG Tri Club, where I managed 3 lengths of the pool. 10 years later, I'm a coach and regularly compete in half ironman distance races. This is testament to the great coaching and friendly aspect of our club. I kept coming back and they kept making me better, something which they are still doing to this day! As a coach my aim is simple, to apply the same care and dedication to you training that all my coaches have done so with me.

Head Coach



"I started Tri over 30 years ago and had little idea but a lot of fun organising the first EG Race. Roll the clock forward and our team of 8 BTF-qualified coaches is motivated by developing athletes to achieve their goals and realise their potential, whether a beginner or very experienced.  Every athlete is different and the challenge of coaching is to understand the athlete, then apply the most appropriate technique skills, conditioning sessions, tactical knowledge, and psychological skills for their needs."

Martin Darlison

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