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Coached swimming sessions are held on Saturdays (06:50 early, and 07:05 late sessions) and Thursdays at 19:00 at the Kings Centre for club members only.

You need to have reserved your place 24 hrs in advance to guarantee your place. Swim sessions are booked via the EGTC ClubSpark page and you will need to register for ClubSpark first.

Strength & Conditioning:

Coached strength and conditioning classes featuring either a core workout or yoga, will are run Autumn to Spring on Saturday mornings at 07:15 in the Studio at the Kings Centre.

As with the swim sessions, you need to be a club member, be registered on ClubSpark and book 24 hrs in advance to guarantee your place.

Cycling / turbo sessions:

Held during the Winter & Spring on Wednesdays at 19:30, Kings Centre Pavilion.

Members only, ClubSpark booking required.



Sessions offered all year round on Saturdays at  08:00, Kings Centre reception.

Members only, no booking required.

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